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It's a good map - very good looking like most of Zepath's work and with an interesting layout. The problem is the balance is way off for MP. If you start in the north east or the south you end up mostly controlling provinces with tiny population, while other start positions lord over swathes of densely populated land. That said it does have some nice choke points, shipping lanes and differing terrains which suit different nations and units. It just suffers from terrain clumping a bit too much - large areas of wasteland or mountain or forest are generally a pain in dom3 maps.

I'm not overly keen on predefined start positions for certain nations either - I find them a little worrying and confusing.

Still aside from these issues it is a superior effort.

3.5 / 5

Not exactly balanced by SombreSombre, 19 Apr 2008 09:01

Having a degree in Ancient and Medieval history (European) makes this map especially appealing for me. It is kinda a "what if" of mythological times. Only a historic scenario that had start locations for the nations would better. Sadly that would require an England, germany, and the americans (not to mention Japan.) So I know thats not possible but you could always claimed they invaded the fringes of civilization or something. Overall good map, and I love the wraparound. Also has good chokepoints and caves! I love caves.

The Ancient World, YAY! by CerlinCerlin, 18 Apr 2008 23:45

I personally have never played the Tabletop warhammer but I can appreciate what I know of the fiction. This map really brings it out and has lots of personality, I really like that In my maps! I need to play it more for balance questions but generally, I really like this map. :)

Pretty by CerlinCerlin, 18 Apr 2008 23:42

I'm not a fan of the big maps. Many of the maps marked as medium size on this map are waaay too large for the games I like to play. World of Geometry, the bigger brother of this map, is a good example. It's more popular than this one but to me at least there's no comparison - World of Symmetry is far more enjoyable. It's an inherently balanced map because of the virtually identical starting positions and like many maps it features gateway provinces that allow more mobility and act as key strategic points in longer wars. The central island provides so much income that it's well worth fighting over and there are a number of provinces marked for higher % of magic sites. This helps keep what is essentially a hex based map from becoming too dry and featureless. The map also makes sensible use of terrain - there are strings of plains for the non survival mapmove 3 cavalry as well as plenty of forests, mountains, swamps and wastelands for the survival units.

This isn't a particularly beautiful map but the graphics certainly do the job - they're clear and don't make your eyes bleed. What more could you ask for?

As I said, I don't much like big maps. WoS has more provinces than I'd usually be able to put up with, but because of the layout you tend to get pushed into smaller localised wars so it doesn't feel so ridiculously large. The fact that this is my current favourite to play despite its size should really say something about the quality.

I give it 4/5.

This is an excellent map and a real favourite of mine. It's pretty good even in SP. The map is glitch free, has sensible population levels and an interesting layout. It's also very easy on the eye.

The flaws with this map come only from the fact that there are perhaps a few too many provinces per player for my tastes and the fact that cave provinces don't autocast darkness which makes the cave section of the map a whole lot less interesting. The latter problem is down to Illwinter to fix though.

I give it 4/5.

CerlinCerlin 13 Apr 2008 04:15
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I really feel that this map has a lot of personality. You cant play it all the time but the special sites and night artwork make it fun to play on.

Spice by CerlinCerlin, 13 Apr 2008 04:15

I like this map for the different options to win. I also enjoy all the different kinds of independents. This map also has enough natural barriers so you dont have enemies on all sides, which i enjoy in my maps.

Fun Indie time by CerlinCerlin, 13 Apr 2008 04:14
Very nice map!
DedasDedas 14 Feb 2008 10:12
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » AomOgre

I've played some on this map and can only say good things about it. You ought to try it too!

Very nice map! by DedasDedas, 14 Feb 2008 10:12

Great concept, great idea! And the geography looks stunning, but man, the bright colors just kept me away from this map :( I tried to play Man ( cant remember the age ) But those forests just blinded me and I couldnt see my units.

My eyes! by MozkitoMozkito, 22 Jan 2008 18:33
Interesting map
MorkilusMorkilus 19 Dec 2007 17:26
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I've enjoyed this in a couple multiplayer games. It's fun that it uses your knowledge of European geography without being the same-old, and it's pretty. Mediterranean shipping lanes are fun and challenging to play with. I like Bizzarro-Italy the best!

Interesting map by MorkilusMorkilus, 19 Dec 2007 17:26

Whenever I feel like making a quick test game, I use this map. It has completely replaced Silent Seas in my eyes.

The map numereous minor balance problems and I wouldn' try to use it in a blitz -> You can start in the eastern wasteland dump behind the mountain range and you can easily end up with another player getting 6 neighbours (if he starts in a "harbor" province) and the other getting only 2 or 3 neighbours.

This doesn't matter much in SP thought. It's a cool small map with a nostalgic visual appereance. Those monolith provinces are also a cool idea.

Fun small map by BurnsaberBurnsaber, 06 Dec 2007 16:45

Thanks for the comment!

Re: One of my favorite maps by ZylithanZylithan, 06 Dec 2007 14:51

This is one of my very favorite maps. It seems very balanced for starting positions. It creates for defensible positions and none the less creates a situation where all players are soon in contact with one another. Plus it is a rather pretty terrain.

One of my favorite maps by PanpiperPanpiper, 01 Dec 2007 04:37

I like this map as it gives both interesting strategic choices to make and worthwhile rewards for fighting tough battles. It seems well balanced for multiplayer but I am especially liking it for single player myself.

A very fun adventure map by PanpiperPanpiper, 01 Dec 2007 04:31

#Players 6
#Provinces 93
Balance MP Even
Era Any
Preset Races No water nations


Six Lands is a world of despair and horror, mostly because I'm new to mapping and used a sucky palette.

Balance Notes

Each nation starts in one of the 'circles' at the center of the colored areas. Equal numbers of farms, swamp, mountains (real mountains), and border mountains exist for all. Capitals are equidistant. Map has North and South borders, and scrolls East and West.

More Comments

No special sites are on the map. Three lakes are present to be abused by Agartha or sailing nations.

Specific Feedback Desired

Author and Credit

I made this map, but stole the artwork from mapstuff.xcf (and also the random map images). Thanks to the author of mapstuff.xcf, whose thread I lost.

Download Link

Six Lands by vfbvfb, 30 Nov 2007 00:14
ZylithanZylithan 30 Nov 2007 00:05
in discussion General / Sample Map Posting » testing

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testing by ZylithanZylithan, 30 Nov 2007 00:05

#Players 20-70
#Provinces 1225
Balance geostrategic
Era All
Preset Races none


Oeridia is an handmade adaptation of the map of the World of Greyhawk fantasy setting (by G.Gygax, (c) TSR/WoC). It wasn't made for Dominions but for an artisanal PBEM strategy game more than 10 years ago, and then adapted for Dominions 3 (after a first try of adaptation for Dominions 2, but the maximum number of provinces was too small). All cities are represented on the map with populations in relation with their importance.

Balance Notes

No preset start positions, but many provinces are nostart. Players normally start in the civilized areas. Regions are not made to be balanced, some have lots of farmlands some are poor, etc… But with the 20 or more players that should be on this map I don't think it's important. If oneday a megagame use it, players will balance the map by ganging against those starting the richest areas.

More Comments

The map isn't wrapparound, but there is a net of gateway provinces allowing to travel to far away areas.
I had the project of scenarizing this map (I may continue or not this huge work in a near or far future). For the moment the only special areas (sometimes) designed are cities, getting their population (based on the Greyhawk's Guide) and some special sites. There are some very big cities but all and the neighbouring provinces are nostart. A Greyhawk mod changing most nations and poptypes was also in project to use with this map (the 3 first nations can be found in the maps&mods forum).

Specific Feedback Desired

Considering the size of the map there are probably some connections or terrains error I've missed. I'm also interested to know if some players would like a MP on this kind of non random giant map (if the map is of course Megagame sized, it may be also fun to start there a MP with 20 or so players, with special settings : i.e all start in neighbour realms of 15 provinces or so, with most indie lands being on the borders of the map ; a player would have lot of space for expansion, but if he do expand against indies he may have his starting realm and capitol threatened by others) .

Author and Credit

Made this map with paint. (original concept, names of the cities, etc… by Gary Gygax (c) TSR (c)Wizards of the Coast etc….).

Download Link

Official Forums Thread
Oeridia by TwanTwan, 29 Nov 2007 22:09

#Players 12 (or 10)
#Provinces 337
Balance MP Even
Era EA, MA (to have 2 sea nations)
Preset Races none (10 land, 2 sea)


When Pharaex the Geometer, the Astrologer of Doom, Slaver and Master of the Big Monsters, God's of Men Fate, The Rock, Lord of Simetry and Geometry, Prince of the Surface and the Underworld, The Persuasive One, Guardian of Existence, Ruler of the Metal Orders, Guide of Souls, The Dark Smith, He Who Is At The Center, The Unforgiving God, (etc…) became the new Pantokrator, after having enslaved most of his competitors, he banished the few remaining pretender gods and their followers, to the valleys near the Border of the World mountains, keeping the rich Plain of the Middle for his worshipers, and establishing himself At the Center (like His Title said), where lies the Throne of the World, on the Isle of Eternia.
But in his megalomaniac love for Geometry, Pharaex has used far too much of his power reshaping his realm to make all provinces hexagonal, and he is now trapped in his physical form on the isle, under the protection of his two generals… and the other pretenders are rising again.
There are two ways to reach the Isle :
- The easiest road goes through the Plains of Eternia. It's a rich area with lots of fat farmlands, and only defended by some garnisons of mortal followers of Pharaex. But the shape of the plains makes very hard to establish a tough realm in this area, all provinces border 6 others, and as 11 other pretender gods have the same hopes as yours, attacks against your positions can come from everywhere.
- There is another way, a shorter road, by one of the four gateways of the Underworld, under the Border Mountains. But the underworld is heavily guarded, by the magical armies and the Big Monsters of Pharaex, former pretender gods He succeeded to enslave. This road isn't easy at all, but the rewards may worth the risk. Lots of magical gear can be looted on the keepers, and most province of the underworld also have many sites. The ones with the gateways, especially, are known to make many rituals cheaper.

Balance Notes

12 preset start positions, all capitols have 4 neighbours with similar population (and same terrains for land nations), and each player access to a realm of 12 or 13 provinces without having to fight the special garrisons.
This map is balanced for the 12 nations in play (or 10 land nations and no sea nation), with fewer those starting near an empty realm will be advantaged.

More Comments

This map has been designed for a "king of the hill" (here the central isle) kind of game. Recommanded victory condition : 2 or 3 cumulative victory points and no added VPs (there is only one VP the Isle of Eternia).
There are lots of special garrisons and many special sites (about 100 provinces get special features). More infos in the readme.

Specific Feedback Desired

Need feedback to balance each players roads to the gateways, and special garrison in general.

Author and Credit

Concept and design by me, but the terrains artworks are not mine but parts of other maps (mostly Cradle of Dominion by Jason Lutes) used as patterns in GIMP.

Download Link
World of Geometry by TwanTwan, 29 Nov 2007 21:06
admin testing
ZylithanZylithan 29 Nov 2007 21:05
in discussion Hidden / Testing Threads » admin testing

can people follow this link to a "private" poll and vote? please let me know.

admin testing by ZylithanZylithan, 29 Nov 2007 21:05

I'll get the ball rolling by reviewing my own map (warning, possible bias ahead!)

Overall: 4

The map is balanced, fairly attractive, bugfree, plays a nice blitz game. It lacks flexibility because of preset starts and number of players, but is a fun and solid map.

Story: 2

Story is pretty nonexistent.

Balance: 5

Seems very fair, preset starts, even number of provinces, type of provinces, chokepoints, etc.

Creativity: 3

Okay, the basic start in four corners map is hard to get creative with. The tunnels add a nice little twist to this map, but it's not anything super special.

Visual Appeal: 4

The graphics and clean, nice, not too busy. A few more embellishments could put this map at 5.


No bugs or missing neighbors found

Re: Caves and Corners by ZylithanZylithan, 29 Nov 2007 20:50
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