#Players 14-16 (3 water)
#Provinces 296 (44 water)
Balance designed for multiplayer
Era All
Preset Races None
Wrap-around Yes





I have finished a new map inspired by the empire of Alexander the Great, but with some fantasy geography. It is a wrap-around map containing 290 provinces (246 land; 44 sea). Rivers are not impassible. All provinces along rivers have potential fresh water sites, except provinces that contain waste.

Babylon and Athens contain libraries.

There are some provinces with both border mountains and plains. Some are officially "border mountain" provinces, and others are not (e.g., 174, 194 and 200).

There are a few provinces that barely touch a river. They are not fresh water provinces (e.g., 175 and 194).

Balance Notes

The map is designed for multiplayer, although it could be good for some interesting single player scenarios.

The map should be large enough for 3 water nations and 14 - 16 land nations.

Author and Credit


Version history

1.1 (1/2/2008)

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