Antilarium, the Wells of Power

#Players 12
#Provinces 217 (12 water)
Balance Starting locations for 12 players; has specials
Era Unknown
Preset Races Unknown
Wrap-around No


Sixteen provinces contain the fabled Wells of Power. Guarded by heroes and armies of legendary might, it is said that the first Pretender which can control 8 of these Wells can recreate the world unto their own desires. While these Wells all are surrounded by an unusual wealth of magic sites, their defenders will not be defeated without tremendous force of arms and magic.


This map was generated randomly by, and subsequently touched up using Photoshop CS2. It is based loosely upon some old AD&D campaigns.

Balance Notes

Starting locations are established for 12 nations, 3 of which are underwater. Nearly all water provinces are contiguous, and can reach all parts of the map. Landmasses are separated, mountainous, with many interconnections. Magic is plentiful. Game victory is acheived by controlling 8 of the 16 special victory sites. Two of the 16 sites are underwater, and count double toward victory. Each victory site is marked on the map by an embedded sword.

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Version history

1.0b (8/29/2007)

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