Caves and Corners

#Players 4
#Provinces 90
Balance MP Even
Era Any
Preset Races No


Caves and Corners is a map for 4 players. It can be played free for all or teams. Pretty generic, I whipped it up quickly. Four players start in corners, the middle two provinces have many sites, and there are some tunnels underground that add connectivity. Should be pretty balanced, doesn't allow water races.

Balance Notes

Races that are good in caves or water might have a slight advantage on this map, but it should be fairly well balanced for either a 4way ffa or a 2v2 teams. I have played an IRC blitz on this map, and we found no errors or imbalances.

Author and Credit

Made by Zylithan, used AoW:SM editor (with community UPatch1.4) and GIMP

Version history

Currently 1.01. One previous version had prov 51 with two bad neighbors. This has been fixed.

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