Faerun 466 No Specials for Dom3

#Players Any
#Provinces 466 (69 water)
Balance ?
Era All
Preset Races None
Wrap-around No


In the midst of the Godswar, new powers from outside the known planes of existence have invaded the Forgotten Realms and overthrown the old pantheon and its overgod, Ao. With the newcomer Gods falling into disagreement over the division of their conquest, a great upheaval has come upon Faerun. Out of the ashes of the old order they have gathered armies of followers, each determined to vanquish all erstwhile allies and claim sole Dominion over Faerun.


Known as Faerun 466, this map has 397 land provinces and 69 seas (16 deep seas). As of yet, the map file contains no special provinces, but all future special provinces are marked as nostart. The map is fully playable, like any other map, it just lacks the spices.
Some provinces have neighbors relatively far away because they are large trading ports. The best examples are Waterdeep, Calimport and Baldur's Gate. Seas can also be crossed by island hopping over narrow straits. Use of the neighbors filter is recommended.

Balance Notes

None yet.

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