Infinite Sands

#Players 8 ideally. Lower numbers work, but won't be as perfectly balanced.
#Provinces 406 (I know, lots for 8 players, but most are wasteland)
Balance MP Even
Era Any
Preset Races No


Once this land was lush and green, but following the exodus of the Pantokrator, things fell to ruin. Rain stopped, temperatures fluctuated, war broke out, land was razed and salted - now the world is a desert wasteland with a few rich Oases. Can you lead your people to control the rare and valuable water supply? Even more importantly, can you reunite the people of the world and bring order back to the Infinite Sands?

Balance Notes

Start positions are preset and very balanced. Map is wrap-around, so that adds to balance if not the exact 8 players are playing perhaps. Lots of wasteland favors races that don't need high supplies, or have nature magic I suppose. Out of ~400 provinces, something like 60 are not wasteland, meaning there are only ~8 good provinces per player.

Other Notes

If there is interest, I could make another version of this map that was more "standard" and make the oasis areas especially good (many sites, farms, large, etc.) Making multiple versions from one graphics file is sometimes very useful. Let me know if you want this please.

Author and Credit

Made by Zylithan, used AoW:SM editor (with community UPatch1.4) and GIMP

Version history

Currently 1.01. A previous version had a problem with start locations because of resizing images messing up white dots. This is fixed.

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