Loemendor Multi

#Players 9
#Provinces 156 (141 land, 15 water)
Balance Some balance
Era Late
Preset Races Yes
Wrap-around No



History: The ancient kingdom of Arandor has collapsed under a bloody civil war. With rulers gone and the old gods having forsaken them, new lords are ready to rise and challenge one another for control of the world.


Special Provinces: While the great empire has shattered, some remnants of it glory still remain, from both sides of the great war. In plain English, there are a handful of provinces where you have extra high chance of getting magic sites.

Balance Notes

Previous version tested a little in MP. I tried to balance this version based on that.

Author and Credit

Map by Kalle Ojala (Kaljamaha) with feedback from Esko Halttunen (Edi).
Modified with kind permission. Modification by Dedas.

Version history

1.0 - First release
1.0a - Small name fix
1.1 - Big update
1.2 - Current version

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