#Players 20-70
#Provinces 1225
Balance geostrategic
Era All
Preset Races none


Oeridia is an handmade adaptation of the map of the World of Greyhawk fantasy setting (by G.Gygax, (c) TSR/WoC). It wasn't made for Dominions but for an artisanal PBEM strategy game more than 10 years ago, and then adapted for Dominions 3 (after a first try of adaptation for Dominions 2, but the maximum number of provinces was too small). All cities are represented on the map with populations in relation with their importance.

Balance Notes

No preset start positions, but many provinces are nostart. Players normally start in the civilized areas. Regions are not made to be balanced, some have lots of farmlands some are poor, etc… But with the 20 or more players that should be on this map I don't think it's important. If oneday a megagame use it, players will balance the map by ganging against those starting the richest areas.

More Comments

The map isn't wrapparound, but there is a net of gateway provinces allowing to travel to far away areas.
I had the project of scenarizing this map (I may continue or not this huge work in a near or far future). For the moment the only special areas (sometimes) designed are cities, getting their population (based on the Greyhawk's Guide) and some special sites. There are some very big cities but all and the neighbouring provinces are nostart. A Greyhawk mod changing most nations and poptypes was also in project to use with this map (the 3 first nations can be found in the maps&mods forum).

Specific Feedback Desired

Considering the size of the map there are probably some connections or terrains error I've missed. I'm also interested to know if some players would like a MP on this kind of non random giant map (if the map is of course Megagame sized, it may be also fun to start there a MP with 20 or so players, with special settings : i.e all start in neighbour realms of 15 provinces or so, with most indie lands being on the borders of the map ; a player would have lot of space for expansion, but if he do expand against indies he may have his starting realm and capitol threatened by others) .

Author and Credit

Made this map with paint. (original concept, names of the cities, etc… by Gary Gygax (c) TSR (c)Wizards of the Coast etc….).

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