#Players Somewhat flexible (see below)
#Provinces 167
Balance Uncertain
Era Any
Preset Races Yes (see below)
Wrap-around No


Uropia, battleground of empires and dominions… Amidst its dark forests, snowy peaks, and southern deserts, the nations of mer and men clash in a struggle for supremacy.

This map vaguely resembles Northern and Mediterranean Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa. This version has specific starting locations for certain nations in all three ages. Specific start points exist for: Abysia (Carthage), Agartha (Russia), Arcoscephale (Greece), C'tis (Egypt), Ermor (Italy), Helheim (Scandinavia), Man (Brittain), Marignon (Spain), Marverni (Gaul), Niefelheim/Jotunheim/Utgard (Scandinavia), Oceania (Mediterranian), Pangaea (Balkans/Eastern Europe), Pythium (Asia Minor), Sauromatia (Asia Minor), Ulm (Germany), and Vanheim/Midgard (Scandinavia/Baltic Coast). Try playing will all these nations at once for a mythical recreation of European history. All other nations are compatible with this map, but won't quite 'fit' with the theme.


This map vaguely resembles Northern and Mediterranean Europe, Western Asia, and North Africa, but everything is a mirror image and the details do not conform to true European geography. I was interested in the idea of having a map similar to that presented in "Medieval: Total War" where various kingdoms from the eleventh to fifteenth centuries vied for European dominance. With so many nations in Dominions that correspond to real historical states or at least the mythologies of certain regions in real history, this sort of map seemed natural.

Please check it out and play around with it. The "Europe" region of the map is LOADED with resources thanks to tons of forest, mountain, and border mountain terrain. "North Africa" is conversely quite barren and I had a good bit of trouble getting off the ground while playing as Abysia based near "Carthage". Let me know what you like and dislike (as well as what is broken or unbalanced) so I can make this map even better!

Balance Notes

From Zepath:
I've done some play-testing and am progressing in a game as Early Ages Abysia against all the nations mentioned in the map's description. I've noticed Oceania (the lone sea nation in the current game) and Agartha (which benefits from a pretty awesome start point) are dominating. However, I've been able to destroy C'tis in "Egypt" and secure all of "North Africa" against serious invasions while throwing up a Second Sun and preparing to campaign against "Europe". Haven't found anything broken yet, but I'm still looking.

Other Comments;
I think the start points in the south need something to make up for the desert environment. It seems to be a killer.
A second water race might be nice.

Author and Credit

Map made by Zepath. Thread posted to dom3maps by Zylithan.

Version history

0.9 is only version I think

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