World of Geometry

#Players 12 (or 10)
#Provinces 337
Balance MP Even
Era EA, MA (to have 2 sea nations)
Preset Races none (10 land, 2 sea)


When Pharaex the Geometer, the Astrologer of Doom, Slaver and Master of the Big Monsters, God's of Men Fate, The Rock, Lord of Simetry and Geometry, Prince of the Surface and the Underworld, The Persuasive One, Guardian of Existence, Ruler of the Metal Orders, Guide of Souls, The Dark Smith, He Who Is At The Center, The Unforgiving God, (etc…) became the new Pantokrator, after having enslaved most of his competitors, he banished the few remaining pretender gods and their followers, to the valleys near the Border of the World mountains, keeping the rich Plain of the Middle for his worshipers, and establishing himself At the Center (like His Title said), where lies the Throne of the World, on the Isle of Eternia.
But in his megalomaniac love for Geometry, Pharaex has used far too much of his power reshaping his realm to make all provinces hexagonal, and he is now trapped in his physical form on the isle, under the protection of his two generals… and the other pretenders are rising again.
There are two ways to reach the Isle :
- The easiest road goes through the Plains of Eternia. It's a rich area with lots of fat farmlands, and only defended by some garnisons of mortal followers of Pharaex. But the shape of the plains makes very hard to establish a tough realm in this area, all provinces border 6 others, and as 11 other pretender gods have the same hopes as yours, attacks against your positions can come from everywhere.
- There is another way, a shorter road, by one of the four gateways of the Underworld, under the Border Mountains. But the underworld is heavily guarded, by the magical armies and the Big Monsters of Pharaex, former pretender gods He succeeded to enslave. This road isn't easy at all, but the rewards may worth the risk. Lots of magical gear can be looted on the keepers, and most province of the underworld also have many sites. The ones with the gateways, especially, are known to make many rituals cheaper.

Balance Notes

12 preset start positions, all capitols have 4 neighbours with similar population (and same terrains for land nations), and each player access to a realm of 12 or 13 provinces without having to fight the special garrisons.
This map is balanced for the 12 nations in play (or 10 land nations and no sea nation), with fewer those starting near an empty realm will be advantaged.

More Comments

This map has been designed for a "king of the hill" (here the central isle) kind of game. Recommanded victory condition : 2 or 3 cumulative victory points and no added VPs (there is only one VP the Isle of Eternia).
There are lots of special garrisons and many special sites (about 100 provinces get special features). More infos in the readme.

Specific Feedback Desired

Need feedback to balance each players roads to the gateways, and special garrison in general.

Author and Credit

Concept and design by me, but the terrains artworks are not mine but parts of other maps (mostly Cradle of Dominion by Jason Lutes) used as patterns in GIMP.

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