World of Symetry

#Players 12 (10 land 2 sea)
#Provinces 265
Balance MP even
Era early or middle (2 sea nations)
Preset Races no
Wrap-around no


To resume World of Symetry is essentially WoG without the caves/deep seas part and (for the moment) without special sites and garrisons (there are also some little changes : 2 more seas provinces in the central area and more ports to the isle ; and new gateways in the border mountains).

The map is no longer wraparound but the 6 gateways allow to reach the other side of the map or the central isle (all gateways are linked with the central isle + one other gateway).

Balance Notes

12 presset start positions with same terrains and pop around

Author and Credit

Twan, using some graphics from Cradle of Dominions by Jason Lutes

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